Gossip Girl: What did (and still does) the show really promote?

Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf. Serena Van der Woodsen. Chuck Bass. Nathaniel Archibald...
These are
some of the most popular talk-abouts during the part year and the year before that. Suddenly the streets of America have been filled with young ladies trying to talk like Blair and Serena and at the same time try to share gossip to each other as if it is such a good thing. In the last two years, a lot of people especially from the younger generations have flocked all around the internet searching for free online streamings of this popular show. Truly within two years at the very least, Gossip Girl took the United States by storm.

Gossip Girl is a prime time series which circles the life of teenagers who dwell at the Upper East side of Manhattan in New York. Two of the show's front girls are Blair Waldorf who was played by Leighton Meester and Serena Van der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively. These two IT girls aside from all the other popular characters are the elitists of the Upper East side who are the typical topics and subjects of an unknown gossip girl's gossips and stories. These stories from an anonymous blogger can be accessed by anyone through her online articles and through text messages. This unknown gossiper amazingly holds access to all the mobile numbers of the students in St. Jude's. This was seen by most critics and viewers as the major factor which made the series very interesting and attractive to viewers especially t
he young ones. Humans have always been naturally interested to voyeurism. They have always frenzied peeping into the covered lives of other people and sharing stories with other people as if these stories are the most significant things in their lives. This is where the entire plot of Gossip Girl revolved. The conflicts and twists were all about the gossips about the popular personalities in St. Jude's such as Blair and Serena among the others.

But the real and the seemingly controversial issue about this series is the picture of teen behavior it depicts and the kind of values it shows its viewers. A lot of parents during Gossip Girl's reign in prime time television reacted negatively on the show's language and apparent display of obscene messages. Starting from the show's posters and online ads, it appears that the negative reactions of the concerned parents of minors are completely understandable. Some posters and ads of Gossip Girl shows clear disturbing behaviors of high-school students kissing torridly, making out at the back of a limo and even having sex. Of course the scenes it the episodes themselves are more provocative of conservative opinions. In every episode, the characters usually tackle sensitive issues that average parents would not seem to want their teen-age children to experience. These issues such as drugs, premarital sex, getting out of school, gambling and other issues are typically touched in the episodes the upper east side or should I say the gossip girl way. A lot of parents have already reacted negatively. But in thinking about it, these sensitive issues have been tackled in the show as the predicaments of teh characters themselves that they also tried to handle and get over with. These issues were not portrayed in the show as it they are things these characters were suggesting or promoting. Little by little in gossip girl's own perky way, the young viewers of the show learned about such issues in ways they would be interested about. As it may appear, all those daring, revealing and disturbing ads were just things that helped catch the interests of the viewers which eventually took them to seeing the episodes which tackled about issues, defined and explained them and showed how the teen-age characters went through and got over such issues. Considering this, it is not all about showing teasing and daring acts and topics, rather, gossip girl showed such concepts in a way which will get the young viewers' attentions and teach them how to act and cope up during such situations- for example during a dilemma between one's dreams and family, a dilemma about a suspected teen-age pregnancy, a dilemma on love and other dilemmas that young people nowadays go through.

Truly, this prime time show have awakened the consciousness of a lot of young viewers, but most especially, this show was also able to awaken a lot of parents that indeed their children must be going through a lot of issues that they do not know of. Basically, this show was all about the youth and their struggles. Yes they may be seen as vibrant, adventurous and daring but more than that, this young generation are also humans who go through things that sometimes go out of their control that usually make them helpless and desperate.

Personally, I have seen the entire TV show myself. And I think this is a brillian effort from the producers to make people understand better how it is to be young nowadays. What the perks are and most especially what the fallbacks are as well. Truly one great show of its kind.
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