The spirits that hide within credit cards

I can still remember the time I got so excited of having my own credit card. All I could think of was that I will soon be having an unlimited purchasing capability and that I will soon have something to flaunt to my friends. That was how I literally took credit cards. It has been a social class symbol for me. Only rich kids carry their cards in their wallets. And only well-of professionals have them. It was indeed very attractive for me since I wanted to have that status as well. It was like I am finally going to be an elitist myself. Not until I met the spirit inside these deceiving cards that go into the consciousness of people that will continuously make them purchase way beyond their wallet's capacity.

Credit actually have this capability of implanting an illusion into the consumers minds that they have the ultimate purchasing capability. This is sure to be a very attractive thought since credit card companies would always assure them of flexible payments terms, low interest rates, very hospitable
customer care representatives, blah blah blah. This makes these poor people hypnotized in a way since they will be led to believe that nothing will go wrong. That everything will be as great as they have imagined. What people do not know is that these credit card companies' intentions to do business and gain profit are the spirits and ghosts that hypnotizes people into a delusion of free and cashless shopping. What these poor people do not see is that they are being pulled down into a situation where they will be incurring high-mounting debts to the point that they will eventually fail to pay for their interests and so these banks will gain. As a person who is not really into money matters and business terms that much, I guess this all I can say based on how I understand how credit cards work.

A lot of people would tell me that right after they pay their credit card bills, they always feel this particular thing like a voice (maybe the demon's voice) that is urging them to purchase and purchase again through their cards. If am a kid right now I would really think that's the spirit of the credit card that's doing the trick. However, I am all grown up and I know better than to animate plain hard cards. But it makes sense in a way, doesn't it? Creadit cards really do have this certain capability of urging people to buy more than what they can actually pay for even though these cards do not have voices to persuade and hands to push people. As how I see it, these cards are really getting into people's heads.

I myself have a credit card. And just to attest to what I have said earlier, these cards can really be hypnotizing at times. I would look at it and all I will be thinking about next is purchasing that signature dress I saw at the mall yesterday. The card is a tangible reminder in itself that you have something that gives you power to buy even if you're cashless. And it's not great, because it is even often times very deceiving. See this: you're cashless but still you can buy, so what do you get? More than that item that you have been wanting to have you incur debts. Lots and lots of debts.

This just proves that whatever Spiderman's uncle said actally makes sense. As far as I can remember, it is,
"With great (purchasing) power (given by credit cards) comes great responsibility (of handling and paying your mounting debts)."
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